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Charles Tannous

Being mentored and trained by a team that is committed to Leviton’s core values has been invaluable. Read More

Charles Tannous, Project Engineer I

Brian Deignan

Choosing Leviton was a great way to start my career. I will learn more here than anywhere else. Read More

Brian Deignan, Mechanical Engineer I

Bill Reggio

Coming out of college, I was eager to begin my professional career, and joining the ePDP at Leviton was the smart choice. Read More

Bill Reggio, Mechanical Engineer I

Vincent Terranova

The Leviton ePDP program has given me the tremendous opportunity to really get to know the company I work for. Read More

Vincent Terranova, Manufacturing Engineer I

Aimee Hyland-LaMonica

My experiences during my internship with Leviton definitely gave me an advantage in my field of study. Read More

Aimee Hyland-LaMonica, Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Rejaul Monir

This company is a powerhouse of inventions and I enjoy the experience of being a part of its ground-breaking ideas and products. Read More

Rejaul Monir, Applications Engineer

Kyle Cohen

It is incredible to work on a project from the idea of design up until it is being manufactured and installed in homes throughout the country. Read More

Kyle Cohen, Project Engineer

Casey Scott

The corporate culture and people I work with make each day a new and rewarding experience. Read More

Casey Scott, Regional Sales Manager,
Northwest Region Network Solutions

Dianne Corso

As Director of the Customer Care Department, it is fulfilling for me to see when members of my team move on within the organization. Read More

Dianne Corso, Director, Customer Service

Steven Tower

I really enjoy the team atmosphere and the daily challenges that managing people offers. Read More

Steven Tower, Manager, Central Buying Team

Jay Zaidel

Leviton provides a dynamic, challenging, fast paced work environment. Read More

Jay Zaidel, Materials Manager, Supply Chain

Anya Chaffers

My favorite part of Leviton is the family culture; it offers employees a sense of belonging and being part of a community. Read More

Anya Chaffers, Manager, Logistics

Brian Morgan

There is no logistics challenge that the creative talents of our organization cannot solve. Read More

Brian Morgan, Director, Logistics

Amy Neary

Through training classes, I have been able to further my skill-set as a buyer and grow in my career. Read More

Amy Neary, Buyer

Warren Lappay

Leviton provides great opportunities for career advancement. Their training programs help new employees excel at their position. Read More

Warren Lappay, Test Engineer

Paul Soccoli

One of the greatest rewards of working at Leviton is seeing the products I worked on installed in homes and local businesses. Read More

Paul Soccoli, Manager, Engineering

Michael Kamor

My most rewarding experiences have been developing products from concept to mass production. Read More

Michael Kamor, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Sandy Wu

Products are not designed by a few individuals. At Leviton, everyone is encouraged to be creative. Read More

Sandy Wu, Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Renjith Mathew

I have had the opportunity to work on technically challenging and interesting products. Read More

Renjith Mathew, Mechanical Engineer

Vikram Bhosale

Leviton is equipped with great engineering resources that have helped me to design customer-driven products. Read More

Vikram Bhosale, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Patricia Roccaro

During my continuing career with Leviton, I have achieved goals and I have patents to show for my hard work! Read More

Patricia Roccaro, Mechanical Designer II

Joseph DeConinck

My position is rewarding because I get to oversee and create things that start as ideas and become finished products. Read More

Joseph DeConinck, Manager, C&I Engineering

Christopher Fortin

To know that I can serve my country, while receiving paid time off, is one of the many benefits that make it great to work at Leviton. Read More

Christopher Fortin, Technician, Desktop Support

Toby Hatcher

I like working for an employer who values my military service, and I have always felt that Leviton is grateful for me and my service. Read More

Toby Hatcher, Technician, Quality Assurance

Shane Fox

Leviton allows me to bring my military skills to the workforce and supports my commitment to be a Citizen-Soldier. Read More

Shane Fox, Mechanic

David Kokoruda

I am privileged to work in the challenging area of product cost engineering while serving with a company that respects our military. Read More

David Kokoruda, Manager, Cost Engineering

Maria Ortega

As a result of my determination and quick learning abilities, I had the opportunity to become a team leader. Read More

Maria Ortega, Document Control Coordinator

Nick Denney

I am very excited to work for an innovative and influential company such as Leviton. Read More

Nick Denney, Electrical Engineer I, ePDP

Mike Hansen

I have been with Leviton for a short period of time, but within that time I have seen how motivated and committed the employees are around me. Read More

Mike Hansen, Associate Product Manager

Chris Ramsay

I started working at Leviton in Supply Chain several months ago. Since then I have consistently been impressed with the caliber of people working here. Read More

Chris Ramsay, Buyer

Wenbo Cui

Leviton is an exciting company to work for and I appreciate that I am working alongside industry leaders in my field. Read More

Wenbo Cui, Electrical Engineer II