About Us: Our Story

group of people In 1906, Isidor Leviton founded a small tinsmithing business in New York City. He began by manufacturing gas mantle tips and selling them on a push cart on the busy streets of Manhattan. In 1910, Leviton partnered with Thomas Edison to design the pull-chain lampholders for his electric lamps. Within ten years, the lampholders were being used in every apartment in New York and the Leviton business grew to new heights.

men and women A lot has changed since then, but two things have remained the same: Leviton is still a family business with a reputation for great quality, and we are still driven by a desire to innovate and adapt by creating sustainable, intelligent solutions for our customers.

With over a century of proven success, Leviton aims to provide energy efficient products that improve electrical safety, enhance communication and add convenience to our world. From electrical wiring devices to lighting energy management to security & automation, Leviton offers a wide range of products to meet any needs.

In North America, at least 90% of homes use Leviton products, and we are the number one choice for electrical contractors. We hold over 1,000 patents, and our products are available in over 80 countries.

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Testimonials: Amy Neary

“I have been working for Leviton for the past three years. I started out as a Buyer at Leviton Manufacturing for mechanical products. After demonstrating to the Supply Chain department that I had the drive and ambition to handle a large amount of responsibility, I was given the opportunity to take on additional commodities such as electronics and packaging.

Leviton takes pride in giving their employees the opportunity to learn new skills and to help them grow in their career. The Supply Chain department is also strongly encouraged to take advantage of the training classes that the team is offered throughout the year. Through these training classes, I have been able to further my skill-set as a buyer and grow in my career.

I also have developed many positive relationships with my co-workers in the Supply Chain department and they are an amazing group of people to work with. Leviton has been in business for 108 years and I do believe that it is a remarkable company to work for.”

Amy Neary
Buyer II
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